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 AGM will be held at Owleywood on 6th. January 2017 at 7.15pm

 At the Special Council meeting 10th. August both George Horwill and Ray Plant said they would not be standing for re-election at the AGM, Ray asked if someone would come forward to take on his duties ASAP, results secretary and website manager.

Result secretary duties.
Sort sections out with the special Council each year.
Use the MB results to sort out fixtures
Sort out the team fixtures for the yearly handbook.
Liaise with the League secretary about any anomalies through-out the season
Monitor the starring system at least every 6 weeks if not more, check that teams do not list players who are not going to play and are starred at the start of the season.
Attend SC meetings to keep them up to date with the league.
Send the results and tables to the local press and sponsors each week.
Correct any mistakes made by the players input of results
The list can go on and on, try to not antagonise too many people is the main concern but an impossible task because to implement our rules you always are accused of favouring one club against another. The results secretary must always remain neutral in every way.
Website manager needs no guide it is there to keep members up to date with competitions etc.

League secretary
Prepare the handbook each year for the printers, delete and change any rules past by the members at the AGM.
Notify all sponsors of the coming events which they are invited to attend and to make sure they wish to continue their sponsorship.
Prepare the AGM and notify all club secretaries when at what will be on the agenda.
Call the meetings of the SC and notify the Chairman of the agenda.
Keep in contact with all the officials, either by email or phone.
Send correspondence to the clubs who have broken any rules of the association.
Collect all the association trophies and have them engraved with the winner’s names.
Once again much more but mainly to keep the general working of the association on an even keel.

Just a reminder the SC do not make the rules it is done by the member clubs who send a representative to each years AGM, any rule that a club does not agree with can be voted on and kept or deleted, or they can propose a new rule to be voted on.

The present incumbents have not claimed any expenses for, computers, printers, ink, telephone calls etc. but this is not to say expenses cannot be claimed.

Please note the 21 day is now extended to 28 days but you must comply with this otherwise there will be a fine or deduction of points to the offending team.

Do Not forget you enter your own scores in either league or cup games which saves time and cost to your club, use your club login code and go to the relevent  result you wish to enter, just follow the instructions which are at the top of the page.

   MCBA Handbook 2015

   Cal 16

Welcome to the Mid-Cheshire Crown Green Bowling Association. Established in 1904, the headquarters for the Association are at Owleywood Recreational Club, Northwich. Situated in the heart of Cheshire, the Association is made up of thirty five participating clubs, boasting approximately eighteen hundred registered players. There are six divisions, containing twelve or fourteen teams. A team consists of twelve players and is open to both men and women bowlers.

In addition to league bowling the Association also run two 'Team Knockout' competitions which are handicapped according to the team and league status, and six individual competitions which are sponsored by local  businesses. Guardian Cup sponsored by the Guardian Newspaper group since 1947 with over 1000 prize money and the Roberts Bakery Cup sponsored by Roberts Bakery (Northwich) a handicap competition since 1976 with over 1200 prize money and replica trophies, this sponsorship will continue for at least fifty years. More information about these competitions can be obtained on the appropriate web page.

League bowling generally takes place on either Thursday or Friday evenings, whilst the cup competitions are played on Monday and Tuesday evenings.

The season commences at the beginning of April and continues until the towards the end of September.

In addition to our results web page, league tables and weekly results are also published in the Northwich Guardian.

Bowls links will give you links to other bowling web sites of interest. Please e-mail me if you wish to add your site to our list. My details can be found on the 'officials' web page.

More information about the Association and points of contact for individual clubs can be obtained from the General Secretary, the details of which can be found on the 'officials' web page.

By clicking on the links at the top of the page you can access other items of interest concerning the Association.

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